1. The settings page seems corrupted, some buttons labels are missing. How to solve it?

Sometimes the options get corrupted after several plugin updates. Click the Reset button (on the lowest right of the plugin settings page) to give the plugin a fresh start. Please take a note of your plugin configuration before resetting the options, or remember the data you want to put back in.

2. What’s the difference between Facebook Like and Share buttons?

Facebook Like is the official Button actively supported by Facebook. On 18th July 2012 Facebook dropped support for the (old and long time deprecated) Share button, so this button has been removed from the plugin and replaced with an externali link with no counter.

3. Why users can’t choose which image to share when using Facebook Like button ?

This is an automated Facebook behaviour: clicking Facebook Like the user can’t choose each time which image to share, but you can set the right image inside the code using theOpen Graph Tag og:image.

4. When I activate the plugin it messes up with other plugins showing post excerpts in different ways (fade, carousel, sidebar). What can I do?

Uncheck all the “Show buttons in these pages” options in the Settings->Really simple share menu, except for “Single posts”. This way all the share buttons should disappear, except the one displayed beside the post in every Single post page.

5. Is it possible to modify the style/css of the buttons?

Yes, every button has its own div class (e.g. “really_simple_share_twitter”) for easy customization inside the theme css files. Plus, the div surrounding all buttons has its own class “really_simple_share”. If you want to override default styling of the buttons, check thedisable default styles option add your style rules inside your css theme file.

6. Is it possible to show the buttons anywhere inside my theme, using a PHP function?

Yes, you can call this PHP function:

<?php echo really_simple_share_publish($link='', $title=''); ?>

You can pass the share link and the title as parameters. You shouldn’t leave the parameters blank, unless the code is put inside the WP loop. For example, use this code to create buttons linking to the website home page:

<?php echo really_simple_share_publish(get_bloginfo('url'), get_bloginfo('name'));  ?>

7. Sometimes the Pinterest PinIt button doesn’t appear in some posts.

The PinIt button requires some media to share, so it only shows up when the post contains at least one image.

8. I’ve checked the “show counter” option in the Settings page, but sometimes the Pinterest PinIt button’s counter doesn’t appear.

The PinIt counter only appear if the post has been shared at least once. Also, the refresh time for the PinIt counter could be long.