Does the widget show my tweets in real time?

Yes they’re shown in real time, although you have to refresh the page for them to appear.

How can I modify the styles?

The plugin follows the standard rules for “ul” and “li” elements in the sidebar. You can set your own style modifying or overriding these rules: .really_simple_twitter_widget { /* your stuff / } .really_simple_twitter_widget li { / your stuff */ }

As for the linked username on the bottom (if enabled), you can customize it this way: div.rstw_link_user { /* your stuff */ }

I’ve enable user thumbnails. How can I make them look better?

You can use some CSS rules like these:

.really_simple_twitter_widget     { margin-left:0; }
.really_simple_twitter_widget li  { margin-bottom:6px; clear:both; list-style:none;   }
.really_simple_twitter_widget img { margin-right :6px; float:left; border-radius:4px; }

What filters are available?

  • The “rstw_link_user” filter applies to the link to the Twitter user profile
  • The “rstw_button_follow” filter applies to the Twitter “Follow Me” button
  • The “rstw_output” filter applies to the final widget frontend output

All the filters are provided with the plugin’s complete array of options.

What options are available for the shortcode?

This is the complete option list. The boolean options can be set writing “true” or “false” as values.


consumer_key : Consumer Key

consumer_secret : Consumer Secret

access_token : Access Token

access_token_secret : Access Token Secret


username : Twitter Username

num : Show # of Tweets

skip_text : Skip tweets containing this text

skip_replies : Skip replies (value: true or false)

skip_retweets : Skip retweets (value: true or false)


title : Title

title_icon : Show Twitter icon on title (value: true or false)

title_thumbnail : Show account thumbnail on title (value: true or false)

link_title : Link above Title with Twitter user (value: true or false)


link_user : Show a link to the Twitter user profile (value: true or false)

link_user_text : Link text

button_follow : Show a Twitter “Follow Me” button (value: true or false)


linked : Show this linked text at the end of each Tweet

thumbnail : Include thumbnail before tweets (value: true or false)

thumbnail_retweets : Use author thumb for retweets (value: true or false)

hyperlinks : Find and show hyperlinks (value: true or false)

replace_link_text : Replace hyperlinks text with fixed text (e.g. “–>”)

twitter_users : Find Replies in Tweets (value: true or false)

link_target_blank : Create links on new window / tab (value: true or false)


update : Show timestamps (value: true or false)

date_link : Link timestamp to the actual tweet (value: true or false)

date_format : Timestamp format (e.g. M j )


debug : Show debug info (value: true or false)

erase_cached_data : Erase cached data (value: true or false)

encode_utf8 : Force UTF8 Encode (value: true or false)