1. How to customize this plugin?

After completed the plugin installation check this link : Administration(Dashboard) → Settings → Simple contact form.

2. What is Display Option?

This option is to set the form display in the front page. Example : display form only on home page or display form only on post. Etc…

3. Where i can find contact us details?

To see those details go to ’simple contact form’ link under SETTING menu. And now in the version 6.0 we have email option.

Administration → Settings → Simple contact form.

4. Is this send any mail to site admin?

Yes; In the new version 6.0 I have included email option. This is optional feature. If Admin wants to receive email for new entry he should set the send email option to “YES”.

5. How To change the captcha color scheme?

To change the Captcha color scheme.
1. Take captcha.php file.
2. Go to line 26,27,28 to change the Captcha color scheme.